Replica Saint Laurent Medium Sunset Monogram Croc-Embossed Leather Chain Shoulder Bag

YSL has a wide variety of bags with a classic logo. I know there are some difficult girls who want to get headaches. It doesn’t matter. If you read today’s article, you may find that your heart is better!

The Replica Saint Laurent Handbags logo is a Ukrainian-born Parisian artist, Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, who was specifically designed for Yves YSL in 1963. Bruno Sellés, the founder of Vasava, a high-end brand design agency in Spain, said that the logo of Yves Saint Laurent itself is an outstanding work worthy of studying in the trademark design community.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Unlike other brands, the Replica Saint Laurent Bags logo is basically an axisymmetric figure, or it is a capital letter in an ordinary font. Not only does it contain the Yves YSL’s iconic three-letter, but the brand is very close to YSL’s brand style and looks like a sexy and elegant woman.

Many of YSL’s bag designs are very simple. The only decoration above is the Replica Saint Laurent Bags logo. This logo has not only served as a trademark, it has been integrated into the shape of the bag. The YSL Monogram series I often refer to refers to all bags with the YSL logo. Since its launch in 2013, it has been the most representative of the fires in the YSL bags, and it has been popular for five years now.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The fire of Monogram Kate is inseparable from the love of many stars. Many foreign stars like to use Kate whether they are attending activities at night or going out to the streets everyday.

So many people love to use, but also because Monogram Kate is only a very classic chain clamshell bag, it is wild, not only elegant and high-level feeling, but the neat replica bag tote type is also very handsome and sexy. Whether you are wearing an elegant dress on a formal occasion or wearing handsome casual clothes, with more streetwear, there is no sense of contradiction with this bag.

Although Monogram Kate’s shape is very simple, but there are many different materials and color changes, different types of girls can be based on their own style, to choose the most suitable for their own Monogram Kate bag!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

The most classic wild Monogram Kate, is definitely black gold! Black gold with Replica Saint Laurent Handbags most classic color, almost how to match will not go wrong, whether you want to be handsome, elegant, or is more basic wear, black gold Monogram Kate can match!

Black gold is quite cool, but if you are a super cool girl, you can choose a more personalized black Monogram Kate, not only the logo is black, even the chain is black! Gold and silver metal replica bag tote look more, all black metal replica bag tote will be a lot of special, there is a mysterious low-key beauty, if with a layered total black total look on handsome dead!

In fact, the black design of the bag is a classic design of the YSL Monogram series, many models have launched a pure black version, we can according to their own style and capacity requirements to see which is best for you!

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Velvet is a material that is very representative of Yves Saint Laurent. The velvet looks very sexy with the changing light. If you add tassels, the feeling of shaking is even more enchanting! YSL also very much likes to use crocodile embossed to do the bag, basically the style of the fire has crocodiles embossed material. Although the crocodile pattern Kate is not really crocodile skin, but the texture looks very luxurious, and with a rebellious vigor.

What’s amazing about crocodile embossing is that it can absorb colors that look so plain on the ordinary cortex, like this emerald crocodile-embossed Kate. This color is rare, and the crocodile skin looks special. Out! The glossy crocodile leather embossed leather will have a transparent texture, especially the light pink and fog-colored Kate, fresh and revealing extravagance, which is very suitable for sweet girls.